ChannelSync - Create an online forum with your Discord Server content. | Product Hunt


Create a SEO friendly online forum from your best Discord Threads and grow your community.

You will be notified in the upcoming days once ChannelSync will be released in beta.

Why ChannelSync?

Services like Discord have created a barrier for information openess. Only members of your community can access your content. ChannelSync remove barriers and give you the option to choose what content should be reserved for your community and what's open to the public on the World Wide Web.

Maximize Outreach

Maximize your comunity outreach repurposing the content already created by your users for the online audience.

Keep everything on Discord

Your conversations will stay on Discord, you don't have to force your members to move on another Forum platform.

Easy to mantain

Your web forum automatically updates based on new threads and posts discovered on you Discord server.


Each forum threads will have a call-to-action to join your discord server and jump-in in the conversation.


If you want to self host ChannelSync for free, you can, since our project is open source!

Respect Privacy

Enable anonimization and keep you user privacy secured while sharing the content.

Content Selection

Choose the content that could be shared publicly directly through discord with our ChannelSync bot.

Custome Themes

Create your custom forum themes with the latest technologies: React & NextJS.


Follow us on GitHub

ChannelSync will be released as an Open Source NextJS frontend, you can follow us on GitHub.